Nic "shugmonkey" Brennan

I am a versatile freelance illustrator with experience in-house and freelance in publishing and graphic design. B.A (Hons) Illustration.

Some of my clients have included: Home Office, Metropolitan Police, London City Police, The Royal Society of Chemistry, Oxford University Press, Harper Collins UK, Marie Curie Research Fellow, Lloyds Bank, Cambridge University Department of Physics, Ue Coffee Roasters, Jeeves & Jericho: Teasmiths of Oxford, Marshall Aerospace, Pearson Publishing and Oberon Books

Before you ask, The Shug Monkey is a mythical creature from Cambridgeshire, UK and where I'm based.  I adopted the name (shugmonkey) while at art school many moons ago for music and creative projects. It's stuck ever since and why I always keep a music section on my site for my main hobby.

Please feel free to get in touch and contact me regarding artwork commissions and general inquires.

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